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About SAI20

About SAI20

The SAI20 Engagement Group of G20 was established during 2022 during Indonesia’s Presidency of the G20.

The constitution of SAI20 stems from a recognition of the role of SAIs in promoting the efficiency, accountability, and transparency of public administration, and supporting SDG implementation. This mandate is achieved through engaging actively and effectively with the entire spectrum of stakeholders, from audited entities and governments to media and the civil society. Such effective engagement shall serve as a barometer of the expectations of the society and establish the relevance of SAIs’ work.

The engagement group aspires to support member SAIs to be future-ready in the face of rapid changes in the audit environment. This is sought to be realized through developing modalities for more meaningful dialogues that enables better understanding of developments in the public sector audit ecosystem.

This engagement group is expected to strengthen and empower audit engagements of SAIs through policy dialogue and identification of best practices.

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Objectives of SAI20
  • Promote collaboration among SAIs in G20 countries and other stakeholders to contribute in strengthening oversight, developing insight, and providing strategic foresight to foster accountable economic governance, while also recognise the different maturity levels and mandates of each respective SAI of member countries, and ensuring the unity and integrity of the SAI community.
  • Develop a platform for strengthening the SAIs’ role as a partner to G20 member countries in responding to global issues.
Principles of SAI20
  • Independence :
    Independence should remain an overarching goal of all SAI20 members, as stipulated in the Mexico Declaration on SAI Independence.
  • Transparency :
    SAI20 will ensure timely, reliable, clear and relevant reporting on its status, activities, operations and performance.
  • Accountability :
    SAI20 will be committed to be held accountable to playing a key role in making difference to the lives of the citizens.
  • Collaboration:
    To address the cross-cutting issues, SAI20 will aim to cooperate and collaborate with other groups and tracks under the G20.
  • Continuity :
    SAI20 will ensure that its operations are managed to aim for continuity. Therefore, SAI20 may consider a diversity of topics and priority-settings in such a way that could provide a longer-term perspective and promote longterm planning, thereby upholding its continuity. It is important that all SAI20 activities seek to build on their predecessor activities and that these be developed further so that continuity can be served.
  • Inclusiveness
    SAI20 will be open for stakeholders’ collaboration to promote participatory engagement for delivering meaningful outputs.


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